Preparing for the new season

Zanzibar’s wet season is well and truly upon us and Ras Nungwi is closed for the months of April and May. A huge amount of maintenance work is being done to refresh and renew the hotel in preparation for our next season.

Notably, the makuti (palm thatch) roofs over the hotel’s main areas and sea view rooms are being rebuilt and freshly thatched and the work that is already completed is beautiful! A lot of skill and manpower is going into this project and its progress is truly a marvel to observe. This level of work is only done every ten years although simple re-thatching is generally done every five years.

Big improvements are being made to our kitchen, whilst the garden, helped by the seasonal rains, is being prepared for our next season.

During the closure, our staff have a chance to take a well-earned break, normally a month in length, taken in two groups. The other month is used for training and helping out with all the essential closed season tasks at the hotel.

We look forward to welcoming you to Ras Nungwi for the new season commencing 1 June 2011.

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